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      WebCopier 3.6 - A Powerful Offline Browser

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Description from the Publisher:

WebCopier is a powerful offline browser that downloads Web sites and stores them locally. It gives you instant access to critical Web sites at any time, regardless of where you are. WebCopier performs precise links searching, including JavaScript parsing, it can download up to 100 files simultaneously and print entire Web site or only specific part of it. WebCopier supports proxy servers, allows to specify account name and password to access secure Web sites.

Advanced features include website preview, SSL (HTTPS) support, Agent Identification, scheduler, templates, Url and file filters, wizards, ability to resume download, dialer, Shockwave files support, different language modules, skinnable interface.

What WebCopier can do for you:

- Create copies of entire websites
- Copy only specified parts of a website
- Print entire websites or only specific part of them
- Use WebCopier as an alternative very fast browser
- Browse websites offline
- Download all images from a website to your hard drive
- Copy downloaded website directly to CD, DVD, Zip disk or USB drive
- Create a static copy of a dynamic website
- Convert a website links to relative form
- Show logical structure of a website
- Print logical structure of a website
- Check link integrity on your website
- and many other tasks...

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