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      SpyBuddy 2.4 - PC Monitoring and Surveillance Spy Software...

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Description from the Publisher:

SpyBuddy is a stealth pc monitoring and surveillance spy software. It's the ultimate solution for monitoring spouses, children, co-workers, or anyone else! SpyBuddy allows you to monitor all areas of your PC, tracking every action down the last keystroke pressed. SpyBuddy has the ability to log all AOL/ICQ/MSN/AIM/Yahoo chat conversations, all websites visited, all windows opened and interacted with, every application executed, every document printed, all text and images sent to the clipboard, and even every keystroke, including system keys! SpyBuddy also allows for screen capturing for visual surveillance! Recorded data can either be viewed using built in log viewers, or can be e-mailed to your e-mail address for remote viewing.

SpyBuddy Secretely records...

  • Keystrokes
  • Websites
  • Chat's and IM's
  • Disk/File Changes
  • Applications
  • Windows
  • Passwords
  • Clipboard Content
  • Screen Shots
  • And More!

With SpyBuddy you can...

  • See what your kids are doing online!
  • Catch a cheating spouse!
  • Record your online activity!
  • See what people are doing on YOUR PC!
  • Remotely monitor a machine via e-mail!
  • ...the possibilities are endless!

Surveillance and Logging Features

  • Internet Conversation Logging - Log both sides of all chat and instant message conversations for AOL/ICQ/MSN/AIM/Yahoo Instant Messengers.
  • Disk Activity Logging - Record all changes made to your hard drive and external media. SpyBuddy will record all of the following:
    • Created Directories
    • Deleted Directories
    • Renamed Directories
    • Created Files
    • Deleted Files
    • Renamed Files
  • Window Activity Logging - Capture information on every window that were viewed and interacted with.
  • Application Activity Logging - Track every application/executable that was executed and interacted with.
  • Clipboard Activity Logging - Capture every text and image item that was copied to the clipboard.
  • AOL/Internet Explorer History - View All AOL and Internet Explorer websites visited before SpyBuddy was installed, and when SpyBuddy was not recording!
  • Printed Documents Logging - Log specific information on all documents that were sent to the printer spool.
  • Files/Documents Accessed - Log all files and documents that were viewed from inside Windows Explorer (text files, videos, images, etc.).
  • Keystroke Monitoring [before | after] - Track all keystrokes pressed [including hidden system keys!] and which windows they were pressed in. Keystrokes can also be passed through a formatter for easy viewing/exporting.
  • Websites Activity Logging - Log all website title and addresses that were visited on the PC. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Opera!
  • Screen Shot Capturing - Automatically capture screen shots of the desktop (or the active window) at set intervals - perfect for visually seeing what was happening on your PC when you weren't around!
  • SpyBuddy Activity Logging - SpyBuddy will keep track of all user shutdowns, SpyBuddy interaction, e-mail deliveries, invalid password attempts, and more for later review.
Filtering/Parental Control Features:
  • Website Filtering - SpyBuddy allows you to manage a list of websites that you wish to have SpyBuddy disable access to while it is running.
  • Application Filtering - SpyBuddy allows you to manage a list of applications that you wish to have SpyBuddy disable access to while it is running.
  • Website Watching - Manage a list of websites for SpyBuddy to monitor, and if a specified keyword/phrase is found, it will record it.
Security and Stealth Features:
  • Optimal Stealth Mode - SpyBuddy offers unparalleled stealth mode features. SpyBuddy has the capabilities to hide itself from every Windows operating system, thus ensuring that when you put it in stealth mode, it will be completely hidden from the user!
  • Log File Back Dating - Discretely backdate all log files to prevent file snoopers from detecting newly created log files.
  • Windows Startup - Configure SpyBuddy to startup for a single user, or to start up as a service for all users on the system - perfect for monitoring multiple users of a PC.
  • User-Based Startup - Configure SpyBuddy to only record specific users of a PC, rather than recording all the users.
  • Customizable HotKey - For total concealment, SpyBuddy allows you to customize the default hotkey.
  • Automatic Active Startup - Configure SpyBuddy to start in "Active" mode when it is started.
  • Password Protection - SpyBuddy is password protected to prevent others from starting/stopping the monitoring process, as well as changing SpyBuddy configuration settings!
  • Startup Alert - Automatically have SpyBuddy display a custom alert message when it is started - perfect for letting the users of the PC know that they are being monitored.
  • Spyware Defection & Removal - SpyBuddy can scan your system for possible spyware removal/anti spy software products. If such a product is found, it will prevent the application from interfering with SpyBuddy's monitoring process!
  • Customizable Security Settings - Customize SpyBuddy's wide array of security settings to prevent SpyBuddy from being tampered with while it is running.

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