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      Sothink HTML Editor 2.5 - highly functional, robust HTML editor...

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Description from the Publisher:

Sothink HTML Editor is a highly functional, robust HTML editor that offers strong tag support, hosting of smart special effects tools and easy site management.

The enhanced code editing function including popping-up tag's tip, automatic code inserting, colored tags, tag line numbers, bookmarks, etc. that can help all web developers and power users get the best control of the code with ease. It also provides build-in visualized editing mode. The basic editing features are available in the WYSIWYG editing window such as forms, tables, frames, links, images, etc. When you want to see the display of the page, switch to the build-in browser or pick the browser's button to go to the "real" browser.

Sothink HTML Editor's standalone Site Manager lets you have a better management of all the documents in the local site and easily upload them to a defined server with the build-in FTP.

Another charming feature of Sothink HTML Editor is brought out by the gallery of widgets, the tools can help designers to create attractive menus, banners, buttons or other effects to dress up web pages. The user-friendly wizards guide you through the whole process of creating Java/JavaScript/DHTML buttons, menus and etc. without a single line of coding. Each of the widgets contains a rich library of well-designed templates.component.

In short, Sothink HTML Editor is not a trick to make page-creation a drink of tea or a work in the park, but its enhanced code editing, strong tag support, gallery of widget and other marvelous features will simplify this process. Sothink HTML Editor, a good choice for both beginners and experienced web designers for their dreamed web page.

Features of Sothink HTML Editor:

  • Integrated with Widget Tools
  • Coloring Code
  • Line listing
  • Bookmark the line you are editing
  • Build-in Browser
  • Two Editing Modes
  • Dockable toolbars
  • Hide or show certain parts of the toolbar
  • Full-screen mode
  • A Table Designer
  • A Link Wizard
  • Frame Designer
  • E-mail Link Wizard
  • Special Characters Inserting
  • Testing with the Browser(s)
  • Unlimited Undo & Redo Support

New Features Add to Sothink HTML Editor 2.5:

  • Auto complete the code, saving your time!
  • Tag's hint let you know the tags with ease!
  • Free web page space, get your own now!
  • New and good-looking interface!

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