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      Sitespinner V2 - Easy-to-use yet powerful drag-&-drop editor...

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Description from the Publisher:

SiteSpinner V2 is an affordable, easy-to-use yet powerful drag-&-drop editor for quickly creating sophisticated websites.

No need for an image tool. The program includes built-in graphics creation and editing functionality to allow you to create and edit graphics right in the work-window. Features include image and graphics shading, transparency, and rotation. Layout functions include a snap-to grid, snap-to tabs, pixel-precise positioning and more.

Layout your images and text anywhere on the page you want. Just drag, drop and position. Move your text, draw an image, insert a picture. Everything can be easily moved with your mouse to wherever you want.

Edit and spell-check your text. SiteSpinner V2 includes a word-processor style text editor. Choose your font style andsize, type in your text, create links, check your spelling. Position your text anywhere on the page.

Page and Project development. Update and include objects across multiple pages easily. Auto site-wide link updating. Meta-tag editing, and more.

SiteSpinner V2 also includes many advanced features. Create sophisticated mouse-over effects. Align, center, or size your site using relative positioning and relative sizing.

One click to preview, one click to publish. SiteSpinner V2 has a built-in FTP feature for publishing directly to your web site. SiteSpinner V2 can publish to HTML and to SVG.

SiteSpinner V2 does not include any Spywear, Adwear or Junkwear.

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