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      RedFrameKit 2.2 - creating your Flash website couldn't be any simpler

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Description from the Publisher:

All in 1 software for creating your own Flash website

With the RedFrameKit editor, creating your Flash website couldn't be any simpler. Complete with all the tools you need such as previously designed website layouts and customized animations, as well as an extensive selection of audio tracks, you can now create a site to your personal taste with little more than a few mouse clicks.

Once you have purchased your RedFrameKit, you will have access to a support website which contains additional music files and website templates, as well as a complete FAQ section and on-line tutorial. We will also offer you advice on where to find additional resources such as image banks and editing software, as well as recommending techniques which will help you promote your website on the Internet.

The RedFrameKit is an ingenious design system composed of a layout editor and a number of Flash website templates. Complete with audio soundtracks, customized animations and layouts, as well as previously defined areas for text input, the RedFrameKit templates allow you to create highly professional Flash websites and dynamic presentations in a hassle free 3-step process. Edit, Preview and Publish. It couldn't be any simpler.
The advantages ? Edit on or off-line and deliver high quality over even the narrowest of bandwidths. Change the look and feel as often as you like, from anywhere you like and with no need to hire a webmaster. Use the original images we provide or use your own logos and photographs. As a RedFrameKit client, you will also have access to an in- house sound bank which will enable you to choose a relevant soundtrack for your Internet project. Create a website to your personal taste with the RedFrameKit. Professional quality in 3 simple steps. Fast and Easy. Just like that.

With the RedFrameKit we hope to revolutionize your vision of the Internet as a communication tool with your customers. At the same time, our mission is to make digital design work of the highest quality and the use of interactive marketing tools into something much more accessible for everyone. We realize that your clients are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and demanding and that it takes the very best in interactive marketing strategy to motivate, engage and fascinate them. With the RedFrameKit, you will be up to this challenge.

The same design editor can also be used to create and edit powerful presentations based on Flash technology. Through the same user-friendly editing tools and innovative features, such as the possibility of linking the presentation to streaming media, the RedFrameKit presentation feature promises to revolutionize the way businesses around the world communicate with their clients and employees.

Want to enhance the way you communicate with your clients ? Turn to the RedFrame Mail, and create broadcast quality commercials which you can e-mail to your clients in a question of minutes. Our proprietary tracking technology allows you to measure the effectiveness of your on-line marketing campaign, as well as offering you complete demographic data at the click of a mouse.

From the small family run business to the large multinational corporate customer, the RedFrameKit solutions will extend your brand into the digital marketplace and allow you to execute your on-line strategy to perfection.

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