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Game Copy Pro

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When using Game Copy Pro you can bypass the latest "un-breakable" protection schemes! You can burn Video Games onto regular CDR and DVD-R/+R Discs! Copy PSX, Xbox, PS2 even PC Video Games!

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The product is no longer available!

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Backup your PC-Game archive!

GAMESXCOPY makes perfect backup-copies of virtually any PC-Game. It's a great software and all you need is a CD or a DVD burner at your PC. You will nevermore losing a game due to scratches, skipping, theft, freezing or other imperfections of media. The copy will work just like the original disc and your entire archive can be archived; your investment will also be protected.

You can either write the game to your hard drive or burn it on a blank disc. Imagine the possibilities of using a game without the need of an original disc.

GAMESXCOPY - How it works!

The original game content will not be changed when using GAMESXCOPY. The software creates an image that is exactly like your PC-game. To transfer the image onto a CD or DVD it uses exclusive AUTO-BURN technology. When the disc have been backuped you can store the original and play either from your harddrive or from the copied disc.

GAMEXCOPY works with CD-R, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD+RW and DVD+R media. It can also be used with different types of CD/DVD burners such as CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM in IDE, SCSI, USB and IEEE1394. The software is created to work with current but also with future technology.


Game Copy Pro

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DVD Wizard Pro

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Game Copy Pro enables you to backup your favorite videogames with a CD burner or DVD burner on your PC, copies of virtually any videogame!