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    DVD X Ghost - Restriction free utility for DVD Software!

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DVD X Ghost:

Is a very usefull program to make your software DVDPlayers and backup software restriction free

It's a small and effective software that works with all kinds of DVD software programs.

You can remove all kinds of restrictions (CSS, RPC Region code, RCE, APS, UOPS etc.), with the software in the background, from the DVD-discs.

Your player can play all region movies on all kind of DVD-drives through this program, with region-code who is mismatched without changing the region-code. You don't even have to flash the DVD-firmware which is very critical.

You can view dvdmovies through your TV-out device without obstruction or distortion cause of the macrovision free feature support.

You can pre movie messages and announcements easily through the support support of operation free.

It's no problem if your DVD-drive are region-locked, using DVDVideo discs or using software players. The program works with all.

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