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      Cortona Movie Maker - Something more than just a screen grabber...

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Description from the Publisher:

Cortona Movie Maker is easy-to-use software for capturing video and creating screenshots from interactive animated 3D scenes. Cortona Movie Maker captures all the movements, animations and user actions from a 3D scene to record a digital movie in any popular video format - including streaming video, or hi-resolution images.

Now when creating a training or service guide you get both an interactive animated Virtual Manual and a video spot or set of images when using Cortona.


Cortona Movie Maker includes features that offer the user more convenience and the ability to work more quickly. Some of these features include the following:

  • Content output formats: video, images and sequence of images.
    Cortona Movie Maker captures video or makes screenshots or sequences of images from 3D scenes in VRML97 format (VRML 1.0 objects can be imported with the help of Cortona VRML 1.0 Converter).

  • Video output formats: AVI movies, QuickTime movies (MOV), Windows Media (WMV) and RealMedia (RM/RMVB). Video files are encoded and compressed with different codecs that come with Microsoft® Windows® or are supplied by third parties.

  • Image output formats: Portable Network Graphics (PNG), JPEG and Windows Bitmap (BMP) images.
    The appropriate quality and encoding settings can be set for each graphics format.
  • Interactive and animated VRML scene capture.
    Cortona Movie Maker is capable of handling 3D models that contain both animation and interactivity. All the interaction actions performed by the user are also captured.

  • Ability to include the mouse pointer.
    The user can choose to capture all the mouse pointer movements on the screenshots or video.

  • Ability to edit a scene with VrmlPad.
    The stopped scene can be edited with VrmlPad and reloaded to immediately see the changes.

  • Antialiasing filter.
    The antialiasing filter can be switched on to get smooth-edged pictures and video.

  • Smart pausing.
    To avoid capturing white spots instead of the large long-loading textures, recording can be automatically paused until all resources are loaded.

  • Custom watermarks.
    Any GIF or PNG image can be placed over the movie or screenshot as the watermark with a different transparency level. This is the ideal way to display additional comments, copyrights, or your company logo.


  • Video with no frame drops
    Even on older PCs every frame is saved to give you the best video quality when using Cortona Movie Maker. You will not lose a pixel regardless of how many applications you are running!
  • High resolution images and video
    The video or picture size does not depend on your screen resolution. You can have a 2000x2000 image while only having 800x600 on your screen.
  • Smart pausing
    There are no blank spots caused by non-loaded large textures as Cortona Maker automatically pauses recording until all the resources are loaded.

Version: Cortona Movie Maker 1.0

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